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Small Batch & Cruelty Free

Its like a miracle salve for your skin! [Day Balm]- Verified customer review

This product is absolutely amazing, Have just finished the bottle and I am so impressed with how strong my nails are now [cuticle oil] - Verified etsy customer review

I absolutely love these, the cleansing balm is absolutely incredible, smells amazing, melts away make-up and leaves skin feeling amazing! Have loved it . The facial oil is incredible too, my clients have loved them! - Verified Professional review

I cant tell you how great this cleanser is. my skin is the best it ever has and i have tried every well known spa product going. everyone really does need one! - Verified instagram customer feedback

Highly recommend this, it smells amazing and makes my skin so soft! Particularly at the moment because I am pregnant, self care is needed! [Day Balm] - Verified customer review

I cant get enough of the orange and black pepper candle. its stunning! - verified instagram customer feedback